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Return To Haiti 2018

This June, I will be returning to Haiti on a medical mission trip with a group of dedicated volunteer medical professionals from Austin with the help of InterVol. We are going back to Leogane, Haiti, the epicenter of the tragic earthquake in 2010, to provide children and families with dire medical care. Our weeklong mission to Haiti from June 2 to June 9, 2018 will provide medical care to isolated villages and treat those with chronic and acute medical conditions that would otherwise go without care. In the past, children and families have walked miles through the mountains to receive treatment from us!

Return from Haiti Medical Mission Trip

After returning from Haiti on a recent Intervol medical mission trip, I am surprised by many things. Haitians still have such limited access to the basics - clean water, trash service and medical care. However, they remain proud of their culture. Despite the crumbled buildings, there is bright color and art in Haiti.

I am also surprised that so many people give of their time and expertise seven years after the earthquake. Almost our whole airplane was full with volunteers. This makes an impact but not only to Haiti but to those participating in the trip.

Dr. Stierman on KVUE Discussing Grill Brush Trouble

Dr. Stierman on KVUE June 2016

Dr. Stierman on KVUE Discussing Grill Brush Trouble

Dr. Karen Stierman was on KVUE Midday recently to discuss the dangers of grill brushes. Research published in the April 2016 edition of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery examines the incidence of injuries caused by ingesting wire bristles from grill brushes, and prompts physicians and consumers to take notice before the summer grilling season.

Click here to watch Dr. Stierman on KVUE

New Sublingual Allergy Tablets

Exciting news from the FDA regarding sublingual allergy tablets!

The FDA recently approved three allergy sublingual immunotherapy tablets. On April 17, the FDA approved Merck’s RAGWITEK™ sublingual allergy tablet for ragweed pollen. This comes just days after the approval of the grass sublingual allergy tablets GRASTEK® (also Merck), and ORALAIR® (Greer).

While it will be some time before these tablets are made available for patients, RAGWITEK™ will likely be the first. Roll-out is targeted for late spring or early summer 2014, directly before the start of ragweed season. However, carriers may be reluctant to allow “new” drug formulary penetrance in the first six months.

The AAOA anticipates the cost of the tablets to be approximately $7 to $8 per tablet. The tablets will need to be taken three months prior to the season and continued throughout the season. No claim of disease modification is being made.

For more information, click here.

Got a Sore Throat?

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In a majority of sore throat cases, the problem comes-and-goes when you're getting a cold or the flu. Sure, there are serious things which may happen if you get a sore throat with great frequency. If that's the case, the ENT Center of Austin can diagnose this regular, repeated occurrence and offer help. However, for those who aren't plagued with continuous roughness, we want to make the journey less bumpy by tossing out some suggestions to smooth the road ahead.

Piercing Your Nose - Warnings Ahead

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Getting a hole punched in your nose is not something you want to do when you're under the influence. If you hear anyone in the background slobber, "Let's drive to Key West!" before getting a beak piercing, probably should stop bending elbows for the night, call a cab and go home.

For those sober folks, here's the good news: It hurts a lot less to get your schnozzle punctured than a lip, ear or some totally unmentionable place on your body. Want some other tips? Read on.

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